Terms and Conditions


Out At Sea (“OAS”) is a privately organized community group of individuals with shared interest. Participation with the group is at-will, and individuals participating in any OAS activities, events, or programs are solely responsible for any costs, risks, or injuries incurred as a result of traveling to or from or participating in any OAS activity, event, or program. OAS reserves the right to refuse inclusion in group activities, events, programs, information distribution, social media groups, or other group associations. Should OAS refuse inclusion with or admittance to group activities, events, or programs because it was determined, at the sole discretion of OAS, that an individual may cause or has caused a disturbance to an OAS program or other OAS group participants, OAS will not be responsible for refunding any monies or costs incurred by the individual. OAS makes no representation or warranty as to the views expressed by individuals participating in OAS activities or events. By accepting this disclaimer to register with OAS for any activities or events, participants indemnify and hold OAS and its organizers harmless from any and all claims resulting from their traveling to and from and participation in an OAS activity, event, or program.

Participants recognize there are risks associated with participation on a cruise, and acknowledge their participation is of their own free will and decision. Participants release, in perpetuity, OAS from any responsibility for any costs, risk, or injuries associated with participating on a cruise. The June 2024 cruise is on board a Vessel operated by Royal Caribbean International and/or one of its subsidiaries (“Operator”). Participants recognize that the Vessel reserves the right to deny boarding to or remove any participants for conduct deemed offensive, illegal, or in violation of their posted rules and policies as well as applicable local and international governing laws. Participants are solely responsible for familiarizing themselves with the Vessel’s and Operator’s rules, policies, and guidelines, as well as any applicable governing local or international law, and observing them. If the Vessel removes or denies boarding to a participant for any reason, OAS shall not be liable for a refund of any monies or costs incurred.

Any activities, events, or programs taking place on board the Vessel is subject to change, with or without notice, based on directions and requirements by the Vessel and/or Operator. OAS will make every effort to communicate any changes, alterations, or cancellations, but ultimately cannot be held responsible for changes, alterations, or cancellations made outside of the control or coordination of OAS. Participants acknowledge that information posted on the OAS website or communicated to participants, whether electronically, physical, or verbally, is subject to change at any time, and release OAS and its organizers from any claims or liability directly or indirectly resulting from such changes, provided OAS made reasonable effort on behalf of the group in responding to or communicating such changes. In any circumstance where OAS is not able to reasonably accommodate a change, alteration, or cancellation of any part or whole of an activity, event, or program due to factors outside of the control of OAS, the maximum restitution it shall be responsible for, at it’s sole discretion, will be refunding of registration costs up to the full amount paid by the participant, minus any amounts covering materials or activities already delivered to participant. Participants acknowledge this limit and waive any claims to seek any further damages or compensation.

By registering for and participating in an OAS activity, event, or program, the participant acknowledges and agrees to the entirety of these terms as well as all terms and policies adopted and listed herein by OAS.

Refunds and "No Shows" Policy

Refunds will be issued only for OAS group participation fees, before April 1, 2024. For any cancellations on or after this date, unused fees will become part of the OAS operating fund at OAS’s sole discretion. All refund requests must be made by emailing your cruise cancellation confirmation to info@outatsea.org. Refunds will only be made back to the credit card used in the original transaction.

Participants are responsible for booking their own cabin arrangements on board the vessel. In the event a participant has not booked a cabin on or before April 1, 2024, OAS will not be responsible for refunding any group participation fees.

No refunds will be issued for no-shows.

OAS is not responsible for, and has no control over, refunds from Royal Caribbean International, or any other groups, companies, or individuals directly or indirectly associated with the selected program. Please contact those companies directly for information on refund policies and procedures.


Substitutions will be permitted so long as such substitutions are accepted and permitted by Royal Caribbean International for the selected program. It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure compliance with any name change or substitution policy from Royal Caribbean International, and to forward acceptance of such substitution to info@outatsea.org within 48 hours of confirmation.

Cruise Information and Pricing

OAS makes every effort to ensure information posted is current and applicable. However, any prices, availability, or information related to the selected cruise is subject to change at any time, with or without notice, at the discretion of Royal Caribbean International. OAS is not responsible for any such changes.

Cabin rates listed are quoted rates held by Royal Caribbean International as a limited time courtesy, and are not considered firm until a deposit is made on a cabin.

Group Inclusion

Group registration and payment of the group participation fee is required in order to be allowed to be included in group functions, activities, communications, etc., while on board, as well as before and after the program. Individuals who book in the group block on board the Vessel without registration with OAS and paying the group participation fee will be removed from the group block and be denied entry, participation, and/or access to on-board group activities, communications, amenities, or other related programs or items.

In some cases, removal from the group block may result in a price adjustment or additional fees charged by Royal Caribbean International. Any such fees or adjustments, or any other resulting actions on behalf of Royal Caribbean International, is the sole and complete responsibility of the individual. OAS has no responsibility for any such fees or adjustments.

International Participants

International participants are welcome to join with our group; however, individuals are fully and solely responsible for researching, applying for, and adhering to any requirements necessary for their participation. All international visitors should check and confirm current visa requirements to enter the United States as well as countries governing the ports-of-call, by contacting the nearest Consulate locations in your own country prior to departure. You should also check with your country’s embassy on any travel related restrictions or advisories that may be in place. OAS cannot be held responsible for travelers that do not confirm their visa requirements or obtain the appropriate paperwork to travel to an OAS program. OAS does not issue or offer letters of invitation for visa applications.

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